I Ask You: What Gives You Joy? #SimpleThings

I kid you not, this is my fourth draft for my blog post today. I often write over the weekend, and refine my piece Sunday night or Monday morning. I went back to the three other attempts and realized the frantic pace I had last week affected my mood.

So, that got me to thinking: what is it that brings me joy, especially when I need it the most?

choose joy

In the early mornings, it is about 6:00 a.m., when my dog, Zeke, stretches from the living room and jumps on to the bed. He will find a spot next to me, inch up and find that place where he lets out one of those heavy sighs only a dog can do. Someone told me once that when a dog sighs, they are really telling you they love you. I believe that.

After the morning snuggle, we head out the door for the Foothills or the Boise River greenbelt over here in Garden City. The sounds of a morning vary from season to season. It’s the sounds of life that bring me joy, too.

Winter has a stillness that is palatable. Hiking on a winter morning with a light snowfall is the perfect time for me to also still my mind. Believe me, that is no easy task! Meditating has given me the tools to quiet my mind and let go of what I am worrying about. Even if it’s a downpour of rain, the sound from a roof is magic.

Spring is chock full of birds singing, but did you know they are actually calling to other birds? It’s mating season in case you forgot that. This is also the time of year we can open our doors and windows for much needed fresh air. Now we can hear the city sounds or the mountain sounds. The sound of the river rising, the sound of the ocean if you are on the coast. That nearby creek is all of the sudden reminding you it is still there now that it has more water.

Summer is full of people sounds. Bike riding on the greenbelt. Paddle boards on the river or ponds. Surfers and kayakers at the Whitewater Park. The cast of a line even has that distinct sound, makes me wonder if fish can sense it. Walkers downtown at the Saturday Market. For that matter, the Saturday Market sounds: people talking, laughing, greeting, telling their story. The Foothills trails seem to be bursting with people and flowers, everyone says hello. Some of us know each other’s dog’s names but not the people names.

Fall is preparing for the winter. The sounds come back indoors now. So do the smells. A pot or slow cooker simmering of a meal that warms you inside at mealtime. Baking bread. Canning from the summer harvest. The first time you can light a fire in the fireplace. Or, the first time you have to fire up the pilot light. Bringing out your winter gear to make sure you are ready for weekends in the mountains.

All in all, it really is the simple things in life that bring me the most joy. I was reminded of all of these things when I realized I needed a break from what is taking place in the world right now. This break was overdue. How about you?

#lifelesson #simplethings #joy #relax

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