Road Trips Are Good for Your Mind aka Soul #SolitudeIsTheKey

The past five days have been spent working less, relaxing more. This took driving to not only a different zip code but another area code. Two area codes to be exact!

my Goal

This was the first road trip I took by myself in years – well, with Zeke my rastadoodle in tow – with no intention other than to relax and visit friends. To discover Salt Lake City by myself with Zeke. No maps other than the knowledge of what we wanted to discover. To go back to the mountains in Park City.

First off, the drive to Utah. The reminder of the beauty of the Idaho Utah border tends to be a surprise every time, even though it’s is familiar from a car or from an airplane if you ever fly Delta out of Boise. The landscape was greener than green which in turn took my heartbeat down a pace or two. The serenity was palatable. I have to say that Zeke is one heck of a traveler, just chilling.

The closer we approached Salt Lake City, the darker the weather turned and changed to a downpour that made our entrance to the city unrecognizable. With GPS we managed to find our way to Millcreek to an adorable lower level apartment I booked via Airbnb and it was perfect. And, the pictures did do it justice, no surprises.

Our days were started with “what do we do today?” So, Zeke and I walked Parley’s Nature Trail twice, taking in the Wasatch Range in view no matter what part of the park we were at. Naturally, I did some city shopping and did not, yes, I did not go to IKEA. Hey, I live in 480 square feet! I don’t need anything.

The road then took us to Park City where we spent the weekend. One of my childhood friends and her husband have lived here for over 40 years; thankfully we have always stayed in touch. I will always remember reconnecting with her my first out of state ski trip. I recognized her voice from 20 feet away! The weekend was chock full of catching up on each other’s lives, my writing, walking nature trails, relishing her dinner on Friday night – someone cooked for me!!! and cooking dinner together Saturday night.

UT Trip

This trip was good for me on many levels: a mini-vacation on my own with no schedule other than to take care of myself. The deepest part of my grieving period is now in my past. I have a future and I intend to live again. I will always miss Paul and yet I know in my heart what he would be telling me. He would tell me to live, be present and be grateful. Yes, I am indeed.

I don’t know about you, but my best road trips have always been hanging out with friends. I needed the change in scenery in order to move forward. I feel at peace, I really do.

#lifelesson #roadtrip #solitude

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