About Me and Why I Am Here

DISCLAIMER: I write from the heart. Any grammar issues you may have with my writing need to be tossed out of your head. Recent life experiences have changed the tune of my blog, too.

So, my blog is about me and what I like the most, which is Boise, Idaho and my dog, Murphy, a rastadoodle. Just kidding, he is a labradoodle. Well, he is also a wackadoodle.

Other topics will be real estate, relocating to our great state and living in Idaho in general. Just so you all know, I am a Realtor at Keller Williams Realty Boise, Idaho.

From time to time I mix it up writing about cooking with zest, rating my favorite restaurants in Idaho, green living inside and outside your home, and of course, fun things to do living in Idaho.

In December of 2014, I changed my blog up and wrote about grief.  My dear love and best friend Paul died suddenly of cardiac arrest. The following year was an experience that was a life lesson and at the same time, devastating. It really did take a year to heal after that trauma.

Also, the pics in my header will always be mine, taken from various places in Idaho. Let’s start now….

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