What I Did to Get Away from the Chaos #BeTheChange

I am literally exhausted by the rhetoric in America, which has reached all-time lows or highs, depending how you look at it.  Americans are living in a world where our country is so divided that it is creating chaos in our own homes, our own lives.

I want to change my world first, to help myself feel better, to feel as if I can do something about it. To make a change from my inside to my outside.

In my feeble attempt at this, I found an opportunity and grabbed a hold of it. There was a request on my Keller Williams Realty Boise Facebook group page that I later saw on nextdoor.com. Centennial High School has a basketball coach that was asking if the community could hire his team for yard work. Turns out these kids are raising money for a basketball camp later this summer at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington.

I went for it. I thought what better way to make a difference is to help others help themselves. Little did I know this would be one of those life lessons that touch your heart.

A June day in Boise with cooler temperatures was set for the coach and his team. They arrived and the next thing I know, they were spread out front and back yards.

These kids mowed, weed whacked, pulled weeds, cleaned out my garden beds, trimmed lower feeder branches from trees, even two of them painted a wood screen door for me. The best part was the team removing a temporary side fence and replacing it with a stronger ag hog fence I purchased at D&B Supply. In an hour and a half!

What struck me was how they worked together. Smiling, laughing, working side by side. Polite, too. They told me what grade they were in, from freshman to seniors. These young men all had the same goal, to attend a summer camp. Their coach helped them raise the money. He gave their efforts a purpose.

Think about this lesson: work towards your goal. How many of us forget that simple catchphrase? My reflection that day was watching how well they worked as a team. Do you work as a team at your office? At your church? At other situations where you find yourself with others?

I am going to make a point of attending those basketball games next year.

No more chaos, bring on the cheer!

#lifelesson #worktowardsyourgoal #teameffort #basketballteam

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