Stains on Clothes are Memories

How does it happen anyway? Every single time I wear a light color, I inevitably spill something, That something is usually salsa, coffee or salad dressing, the three major sources of stains on my clothes. I used to get a bit irritated when this happened. Rats! Another blouse or shirt ruined! Until one fine day, I realized that stains on clothes are memories.

Stanley Lake, Idaho Paul with dogs
Stanley Lake, Idaho
Paul with dogs

My favorite fleece zip up top, white no less, stained with greasy salad dressing. Not that the salad dressing was overly greasy but olive oil and balsamic vinegar with Dijon just happened to have that stain effect. This happened camping with Paul the first time we spent time in Lower Stanley. Stanley, Idaho was one of his very favorite places to find peace that was close to home and easily accessible. We actually rented a six person tent just so we could accommodate ourselves and our three dogs. Don’t laugh! It worked perfectly! One thing we laughed about after our trip was that no matter what, every time we got back to camp, a downpour followed. We always had the safety of cover and during the longest storm, we took a lovely nap. It was a long holiday weekend that will always have amazing memories.

Then there is that brand new dress I wore when we went out to celebrate the closing on his house in the Lower Highlands. I treated him for dinner, too. A girl gets the best ever compliments when she treats her man. For one thing, a guy is not used to their gal picking up the tab, at least not in my age group. He beamed that night, so much so that I can’t even remember what the food group the stain is from.

A brand new, button down blouse. I was attempting to be more business-like so I decided button down blouses would be the way to achieve that look. I went to Sierra Trading Post and purchase a number of gorgeous blouses in incredible colors. All with one of those crazy discount coupons that STP emails.  Kerplat! Salsa at dinner at an unnamed restaurant to keep my secret, favorite restaurant under cover. Totally worth it because they have the best, ever carne asada. Red tomato salsa as bright as a neon light.

That is the dinner that I taught Paul that stains on clothes are memories. From that point forward, we always looked at stains to determine their origin. Laughter always followed. My memories with Paul are filled with laughter and joy. Grief can come in waves but my memories are always there.

May laughter follow then next time you find yourself with a stain on your clothes. I guarantee you will find joy.

#joy #stainsonclothes #laughter #grief

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