Zucchini Love

I have a love affair with zucchini. Ok. I said it. I grate my zucchs on the largest hole on my grater and use the zucchini on everything I possibly can. Toss over a salad instead of cheese. Toss on a quesadilla to add to the mix.  Add to soups. The list is endless.zucch mix

So, the other night I did the grate thing. Looking at what else I had on hand, I added chopped green onions and red bell peppers. Then, I thought what would that mix taste like in enchiladas? And, what if I saved some calories and put the cheese only on the top?

Well, I am here to tell you that these were great! I warmed up each corn tortilla for about ten seconds before filling and rolling them. All neat and tidy into a greased baking dish, poured my favorite sauce over the chiladas (new word) and topped with the cheese I had in my fridge. Don’t ask me what kind, I have been experimenting with sheep and goat’s milk cheeses and I have a variety right now.

Anyway, I did not miss the cheese overload at all. You won’t either!

zucch ench

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