“hey universe…™”

I was in a Keller Williams Realty Boise sales meeting about a month ago, and the person speaking was talking about writing manifestations of what you want in life and posting them in your house. Of course, he centered the topic around business. I remember thinking to myself, gee whiz, I need to remember to post manifestations and affirmations all around my house.  After all, a picture of a set of Caphalon pots & pans I want is pretty awesome but surely I could post more around the house!

Then, much to my delight, I discovered a new app for my iPhone today and I must admit, I am speechless for the right word to describe how I LOVE this app. It is called “hey universe…™” and it is all about manifestations and affirmations. Who on earth would not want help with that?

“hey universe…™” is an app that literally empowers you to just go ahead and write an affirmation or manifestation, then send it out to the Universe. Not only that, but you can set reminders so that your affirmation is an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly reminder, including a Thank You to help you remember to be grateful, too.

And it does not stop there. The clever owner has customized journals, Post Its™, jewelry and candles. I would be remiss to fail to disclose the clever owner is a very good friend of mine.

But, if you had a friend who thought of something so incredible, you would do the same and help her/he out by blogging about it, now wouldn’t you??

Sometimes all you have to do is ask!™

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