Let’s Make This Work #Collaborate #StrongerTogether

I am writing this on Sunday, and I am icing my right knee. Believe it or not, what did me in was too much shopping with my sister who was visiting last week. Who knew shopping had side effects?

The shopping excursions were interesting because I watched how people acted and treated each other in many different settings. In each store, the staff were very pleasant. In each store, some shoppers were openly happy and others were visibly angry. You know the types, people with permanent frowns. I shorten that to perma-frown.

On a serious note, I learned from this observation that people in America would rather speculate than be patient, let alone learn the facts. We tend to assume instead of considering the situation.

We all have our sources to be in alignment with our values, but have we stopped listening altogether to each other?

We all are passionate about something or someone, but do we turn a blind eye on what is not appealing to us?

We all have an opinion, but when is that opinion – from both sides – become so toxic, we lose friends or family?

We all want what is better for America, but why have we become combative instead of collaborative?

Asking for a nation…..

#Collaborate #Conversation #LearnFromOthers

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