Why Are We So Afraid of Death? #Grief #Grieving #GoodBye

Damn, just damnit. The passing of a friend before her time is weighing heavy on me since Friday. Not why but what the heck.

Why are we so damn afraid of death? Isn’t it the circle of life? Isn’t death inevitable?

We cry and mourn, and the experience weighs heavy on our shoulders. We also fail to remember that the person who left is no longer in pain.

I have to accept this because she did accept her fate.

I have to move on because that is what we call the circle of life, right?

I need to move on so she can pass, but the odd thing is that I know she left and did not look back. She was done. I do not sense her as I did Paul when he moved on. Which is my signal that she has found the peace she searched for. At last.

I want to move on and cherish the time we had as friends as well as colleagues despite the fact we were in different offices.

I promised her I would help those left behind. I will do just that.

I will move on to honor her.

And yet, this doesn’t make it all any easier


#Grief #Grieving #lifelesson

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