That Path to the Unknown #Grief #Grieving #PassingOn

Damnit. Just damnit.

When one learns of a dear friend who will no longer be of this world soon, you just have too many questions with too many non-answers. But the questions…..

You could have helped….no

You could have stopped it…..nope

You could have made it better…..not really

And yet, what you can do is to now be present, to be there, to be at their side. To listen with intention. No distractions.

First, turn off your damn phone.

I do not know why, but our society here in America is terrified of death. I think this stems from the lack of spirituality, be that with God, a supreme being, an entity some do not name.

Mine is simply God. I grew up Catholic and despite the horrendous news as of late, I have to say I grew up knowing there was and is a being that did indeed bring us here for a purpose.

To learn a life lesson

To be a teacher to show how to be good

To be an inspiration to show how to life a good life

To help others find a way to be more positive vs. negative

I am not really sure about all of this, but I do know I am here for a reason.

So, when you are faced with this task, to be present, to show up at a bedside, remember this:

Fear is powerful.

Love will conquer that fear and help with the passing.

#Grief #Grieving #OtherSide #WhatHappensNext #LifeLesson


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