We are Being Abandoned by Our Leaders #Democracy

I woke up with a start this morning from a dream that had abandonment issues. The news of a dear friend with a cancer diagnosis had me in a funk yesterday, thinking about others who have left me in my past. Grief is an odd devil of sorts, popping up when you least expect it to.

I gradually began to wonder if the abandonment feeling was also taking place all around us in our nation right now. Supposed leaders are passing bills, catering to their far-right base that are selfish about their perceptions and leaving out Americans that actually do care about each other.

Abandoning people of color in America by white washing history. Really? Why? I am just now learning things that I had no idea about. That is wrong. This country should welcome learning everything, no matter how difficult.

Abandoning women in healthcare choices, passing bills that are repressive. Health choices in America should be personal and private. Keep your beliefs out of the exam room.

Banning lessons and books in schools, allowing a critical race theory to become the new boogeyman for conservatives. “CRT does not attribute racism to white people as individuals or even entire groups of people. It’s the institutions that are embedded in certain laws. Americans are not able to separate this from their own identity.” Taken from Why Are States Banning Critical Race Theory?

Abandoning citizens by passing anti-mask and anti-vaccine laws that will only spiral America deeper into a pandemic that was mishandled in the first place. It was about a reelection and not about health safety. Our state leaders should be expected to protect us.

Abandoning Americans by the fact that little or no consequences (to date) has taken place for all the insurrectionists, not only those who breached the Capitol building but those who planned literally stealing an election.

And, on that note, abandoning Americans voting rights in favor of suppression to retain power and control citizens. Here is a good explanation of what America is facing 2021 to 2022 Voter Suppression. America does need a federal voting rights act passed so that every state has the same parameters when it comes to voting.

Damnit, my vote should matter.

#DemocracyIsFragile #Community #Politics

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  1. I agree. Our leaders are fast becoming our overlords, and for their own personal gain. And it’s a two tiered system: “You have free speech but only if you’re on the left.” “If you love America and freedom, then you shall be punished, but if you love China and Communism, you shall be rewarded.” It seems that good has become bad and bad has become good.


  2. As a person who lived in Wash DC for 13 years and still has many friends around the country I am saddened by the current state of affairs on so many fronts. But the first thing that needs fixing is political status quo.

    There is too much money involved in the politcal process of getting elected. In the age of internet and instant communications America does not need a lengthy 18 month long presidential election, this is hangover from the 19th century where the only way for candidates to get seen and heard was a whistle stop tour. The vast amounts of money needed to finance such a campaign narrows the field to a very small group, who may bargain their political soul in return for a campaign contribution.

    The other thing that needs to happen is a ban on lobbying in Washington. Lobbying drowns out the voice of ordinary people so that only the rich and powerful are heard.

    The third thing that would help improve America is for Congressional terms to be longer than 2 years. Representives are in constant campaign/election mode and current short terms has achieved the things it was meant to do (refresh the membership of the house, make congressmen more accountable, and be in communication with their voters).

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