Grief is Unexpressed Love #Grief

In November 2021, actor Andrew Garfield was on Steven Colbert’s The Late Show

“I Hope This Grief Stays With Me” Andrew Garfield

Andrew’s raw emotions showed what a loving person he is. And he was not in the least bit hesitant to talk about it. We should all be open to talking about our feelings of love.

When family or friends pass on, some unexpectedly, some not, it stops us in our tracks. That happened to me last week, and yet I know my friend passed on the way he intended. With dignity and grace. I am so grateful we knew each other.

I am here to tell you that have had no regrets in my life. I live life in such a way that I know my efforts are the best I can do. Sometimes, even I get down. I pick myself up by reaching out and soon enough, my funk is gone because of the friend I called. Sometimes, I call friends out of the blue. It surprises me that is surprises them. No matter what, the outcome is positive and puts smiles on faces.

We all need that sort of surprise these days. There is so much negativity in the air and it’s not just in America. I am done with that! I am going to press on with more optimism that ever before.

They say to always keep in touch with others, be positive. I say that, too.

And I know it can be difficult.

Pick up the phone. Write a card. Post positivity on social media.

Be kind. Kindness is key.

Happy New Year, everyone!

#LifeLesson #Community #Communication

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