This Thing Called Life Works Many Ways #BeTheChange

I took a break last Monday from my weekly blog post, mostly because I was still in Lalaland after a wonderful long weekend in San Francisco. The weather was glorious, the sights fantastic, the restaurant stops a foodie’s dream.

I like to people watch wherever I go, and what struck me deeply about this city was how well the staff everywhere we went worked so well together. Whether this occurred in a restaurant around the corner, a vendor booth at the Ferry Building, inside of the museums we visited, even at the airport. All in snyc.

It did not matter who was who, what level of position a person had, how one got from point A to point B. The flow was obvious.

I want to see this sort of flow in America.

Working together as if we are the cogs in a wheel, the spokes on a bike, the gears in a clock, the continuous steps on an escalator.

I want to see people smiling, bantering back and forth with joy, helping each other when we need a lift.

I want to see more folks holding doors for the next person, more pay it forward with abandon.

I think we can do that if we stop looking at others with misperceptions and look with our hearts instead. Shall we, friends?

#AmericaDeservesBetter #BeTheChange

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