Do Something, Damnit! #MarchForOurLives2018

Who would have ever guessed it would take an entirely new, purposeful generation to finally make change in America when it comes to gun violence. Who would have dreamed that the very survivors of the latest mass murder in a school setting would just say no, no more.

Enough is enough!

Who would have thought that our kids would resist the how things are in America?

No more status quo!

Who would have imagined we can finally change Washington D.C.?

Doesn’t matter, change is happening right now, before our very eyes, our very ears, our minds.

I am damned proud of each and every one of those teenagers that are calling us out to action, to act, to march for our very lives. I will be alongside those marchers. Will you?


I am going to leave this post at this because change is a’coming, folks

Fore more information,

#MarchForOurLives #GunSenseNow #resistance



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