I wonder why, I wonder how, I wonder….

Just sitting here at home tonight, wondering why. Wondering just how. Wondering what to do…..

The answers are close at hand, but are the answers simple? If so, why are those answers so elusive? Are those answers complicated? If so, how does one peel the layers? Once those layers are peeled, what do we see? What do we want to see?

Last night I was with a group of friends and we went to see the movie, The Help, and it was a poignant movie set in the South in the 1960’s, a reminder of the changes that took place in our country. A reminder of the changes taking place in this very day and age. A reminder also of how we can create change, just as the movie suggested.

Changes take place in all our lives, in all time zones, in all time frames, in all decades, in all centuries. The results are what we learn from those changes, how we take those changes, and how we can decide on what we should do to create a better world.

I made a commitment long ago to strive to be more collaborative. To find a solution, to look for options, to create a common ground to work from, to make sure others are heard. Can you help me to take that a step further, take that outside the confines of our daily lives with strangers?

A dear friend once called me the Idea Girl. My idea, right now during these challenging times,  is to simply listen. Simply listen.

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