What Do You See?

I can hardly believe two months have gone by since my last post, but the time has been filled with lots of activity. And, lots of thought every day, in every thing I do.

Thankfully, real estate has kept me busy, too. Good, solid offers for my sellers. Finding great homes for my buyers but still looking for the “perfect” house which I honestly know is coming on the market soon…..And best of all, convincing sellers to de-clutter and rearrange the furniture . I specialize in staging their homes with what they have on hand. Now, that takes some persuading but the final outcome is worth it when they look around the rooms and say, wow!

Aside from real estate, I have been dog walking for friends, taking their four dogs out of the house and in to the world of the North End neighborhood in Boise. I am telling you, it is the best way to look at real estate! Walking instead of driving, what a concept. Taking my time up and down the streets, I can now name streets in order. Doesn’t sound like such an accomplishment but honestly it is.

Part of the journey is filled with thought and the main question that keeps popping in my head is this: what do you see? Do you see dandelion weeds or do you see wishes? Do you see only what is ahead of you in traffic or do you see who else is walking along the street? Do you notice the trees at all – do you see that they have fully leafed out?

I see the architecture of the grand homes and cottages in the North End; so many different styles. You can almost gauge the year a home if you look close enough. I see the flower gardens in front & back yards and note the varieties in bloom. I see other dogs clamoring to say hello to the dogs I am walking with. I see cats be wary of our approach but also notice the leashes (whew!). I see the warmest smiles from others walking as well.

Happiness is getting out and about. Every day is filled with gratitude that I am alive and enjoying life. Gratitude that my business brings to me great people to work with that smile as much as I do. Gratitude that I have a great family and wonderful friends.

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