Surprising Outcomes Indeed….

The past two weeks have simply stopped me in my tracks. I am in awe of the events that have taken place, seemingly with me as an integral part.  The amazing point about it all is that most of the interesting occurrences centered on a small mobile home that I am listing for sale. This property was owned by Helen K., who lived at in Boise’s East End and willed her mobile home to a non-profit upon her passing.  My estate sale on March 6th proved to be a twist of fate, but all good. Paths crossed for reasons I don’t know but God does, that is for sure. Let me explain…..

The first couple that showed up at the sale, the early birds & antique dealers, turned out to live by me. We agreed to meet later in the week so that they could assess the china & glassware I held out of the sale. The other couple that took so much a trailer was necessary, later followed up with me to see if I needed help taking Helen’s clothes to the Women’s & Children’s Alliance Another couple I met made a cash offer, too low, however she is an interior decorator that I have gotten to know and we are now working together to help me stage & de-clutter my listings. All of the artists from Art Source that showed up went away with great frames and supplies. Some of these folks showed up in many ways later that week…..

It is after this sale that the universe went in to quite a spin! The antique dealers came to my house to look at the china and glassware, but ended up telling me about the problems they are having with a granddaughter that they have custody of. I never had kids, but I knew the real estate firm I am affiliated with would surely have some recommendations. I sent an all company email asking for recommendations for counselors for teenagers. In less than 60 seconds my phone rang and 20 minutes later when this couple left, I had four emails with names. The compassion and willingness to help from the agents at Group One Real Estate was overwhelming for this couple as it was for me. I was delighted to have been able to help them.

The decorator I met helped me rearrange the furniture at a new listing in Eagle. The result was AMAZING. I have to honestly re-shoot all the interior photos! My Sellers are thrilled. The office tour went extremely well, all because the home looked so fabulous.

And, this is where I began to realize about paths crossing in life. The more I thought about the other instances from that week, the more I recalled…..

I am dog walking these days for friends and clients, and early that week a bicyclist stopped to pet the handsome dogs I had that afternoon. In conversation, l learned that she collects vintage cook books. Well, naturally I just happened to have six books that were collecting dust at my house! I got her address and left them at her door step the next day. She was very appreciative and I was able to get some clutter out of my home.

Another friend left me a book I loaned her at my house. The book is “Final Gifts”, a beautiful book written by hospice nurses, full of touching stories. The same day she dropped off that book I was able to pass it on to someone else who just found out their mother had emergency surgery. Uncertain future is frightening when a parent starts having these kind of scares, I know. (She is now better, the mass was benign!) But, what are the odds of one friend finally returning the book and it is immediately handed to someone else? Same day……

Did I mention what happened to the china & glassware from the mobile home? I went to the Boise Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours last Thursday. As I was walking out the door to leave,  I stopped to say goodbye to a friend. I noticed the name tag of the man he was talking to. The same last name as the woman who owned the mobile home. No way! Coincidence?  I asked if he was any relation to Helen. Turns out he is her nephew. He told me a few stories about her, and I let him know that I had the place cleaned up, but that I held back the china & glassware. Of all the people to be introduced to, I met a family member that would appreciate all of the items that I had chosen to save from the sale. How on earth did our paths cross like that anyway?

But that’s not all in my journey from the past ten days. Another friend is dealing with the imminent death of her mother, and I gave her the “Final Gifts” book. Yes, I keep a supply for giving. The book I gave her has helped her tremendously. I had coffee with a business acquaintance yesterday and she opened up to me about a problem she is dealing with . We probably should have discussed real estate but forget that, talking through problems is a good way to deal with issues at hand. And sometimes it takes a person not directly involved to see another side of the story. How I was chosen still has me wondering.

I know everything happens for a reason, but what has happened to me lately has been wonderful knowing that I really did make a difference. It really is possible…..

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  1. My dear beautiful Laurie…your HEART is out EXERCISING..and blessing many lives!!
    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share a ride with you today..I left inspired!!


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