You’re Not the Boss of Me! #FreedomToChoose

For the record, I am quite capable of making my own very personal decisions. I heed advice from professionals, not lawmakers intoxicated with power.

This past week was one of mourning for many women in America. The Roe v. Wade preliminary draft from SCOTUS.

Last week many women had to relive the extreme trauma of rape, incest, or a pregnancy as a child as young as 12 years old. Then there are the women who had to face their trauma again from violent domestic abuse, and bear in mind that domestic abuse is also mental, verbal, and financial. Has anyone given thought to the marginalized and the poor who cannot even afford health insurance let alone to go a doctor? Just think about those women making the decision for an abortion based on circumstances out of their control. It may very well be out of our control if the conservative justices have their way.

The views cited in the leaked SCOTUS draft opinion are held by a minority of Americans. This is not a red or blue issue; it is not just about abortion. It has become an American right to make a personal medical decision, the precedent has been in place for almost 50 years. It has become the right to privacy in America. The minority’s arguments are based on evangelical religious views, not science. And lawmakers refuse to listen to science. We have the pandemic to thank for the lack of substantiated decisions in our nation from certain lawmakers, due to an inept POTUS when COVID was discovered.

I am at a loss as to how to process what may be the dismantling of many rights Americans have taken for granted for decades. It will not stop with abortion. There are so many other SCOTUS decisions that may be on the chopping block because they were not codified into federal law.

Our only hope is at the voting booth November 2022.

#WomensRightToChoose #FreedomToChoose #Equality #VoteBlue2022

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