What I Miss and What I Have Changed #Pandemic2020

In the days of COVID-19, Americans have learned to adapt and adjust our daily lives. That thought led me to think of what I miss and what I have done to replace activities. Things I used to do that I have not yet ventured out in the world to do again. I am just not ready.

I miss treating myself to a lunch or dinner, but I have to admit making my own meals has been fun. I made a commitment to use fresh, organic, or sustainable ingredients. And, if any of those ingredients left over need to be used in another dish, I simply create a new recipe. I have evolved in my cooking to the point that I can read a recipe and know it will taste good! And, add to a recipe to make it “mine”.

I miss going to First Thursday Art Walk, Boise Art Museum, Art Source Gallery, Capitol Contemporary Gallery. I needed reminding that I can now go to many museums that I would have had to travel to and take a 3D tour. Something available in my lifetime that is a true gift!

I miss going to the Saturday Farmers Markets in downtown Boise. I miss the vendors, the smells, the sights, the people watching, the street musicians, getting produce, bread, meats, or poultry where I know the source and the farm. However, they have adapted and are selling direct or at local markets. It will come back in due time….

I miss outdoor concerts. I probably won’t get to go until next year and/or when there is a vaccine. I need to adjust to online or music specials on television. There is an option, right?

I miss plays at the Morrison Center, which reminds me that I need to get a membership at the Boise Contemporary Theater, even if they don’t open. I must support local.

I listened to a NPR newscast this morning, and they interviewed Dr. Vivek Murthy, a former surgeon general, who spoke about people that struggle with loneliness and the long term side effects of our self-isolation right now. He cited we could take two paths, one of greater loneliness or one of social revival, social revitalization: “We have the opportunity to use this moment to recenter our lives on people. And if we do that, then I believe we can come out of this pandemic more connected, more fulfilled and more resilient than before the pandemic began.”

Let’s take the social revival path!

#WhatIMiss #SocialRevival #SocialRevitalization #LifeLesson

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