If Not Now, Then When? #whatareyouwaitingfor

It has occurred to me to ask, if not now, then when? When the heck when?

What do we wait for anyway? Why do we wait for “it”?  When do we honestly think “it” will happen? Who are we really fooling besides ourselves?

New Path

I am referring to any of those life decisions that we confront. Changing jobs. Moving to a new city. Learning a new sport. Travelling to a different country. You get the point. Even a new relationship or renewing the relationship you have.

I have learned to trust my instinct and it has not once been wrong. If something I am attempting in life is a goal I want to meet, then why not! I still have that tiny voice that tries to talk me out of it. From now on, I am pushing that tiny voice of Fear off to the side. Enter Confidence in its place! Not to mention, Excitement. Coolness. Faith. Trust.

New friendships are fulfilling because you learn a different point of view, the other side of the coin. New sports are gratifying because you see a part of your world in a setting you would not have been exposed to otherwise. I went on a road trip a few weekends ago and the reminder of the beauty of Utah and the Wasatch mountains literally moved me. How could I have forgotten in the first place?

I write in a journal and this weekend I wrote that I am going to discover more from now on.

I am going to live with gusto!

#lifelesson #goforit #whynot #happiness

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