Peach Applesauce (No Sugar) for Canning #Homemade

I had to organize my freezer which led me to ask myself, why in the heck did I have so much fruit vacuum sealed at the bottom shelf. Oh yeah, I thought I would make pies. Dozens of pies. Not!

So, I dragged it all out, weighed it to keep track, and cooked down 15 pounds of apples and peaches. The combination was 75% apples, 25% peaches. It was so sweet that I did not need to add sugar! I have also used cherries in my applesauce in the past.


About 15 pounds of fruit for a batch to can
For smaller batch, use 3 pounds total fruit, orange juice and zest to taste

Tart apples, peeled, cored and sliced
Peaches, peeled and sliced
Orange zest and juice from a large orange


Mix ingredients and simmer in large stock pots, I had to use two pots. Cook on low and keep an eye on the mixture so it does not burn at the bottom. Add filtered water and lower heat if needed.

Once fruit is mushy, turn off heat and let cool for about 20 minutes. In food processor, puree to the consistency you prefer.


Make sure all of your supplies and clean and sanitized.

Fill sterilized jars with the sauce, leaving ½ inch of headspace. Use a small silicone spatula to push the sauce to remove air bubbles.

Wipe the rims of the jars clean – this step is very important!

Place the lids and rings securely on jars.

Process in your water bath canner for 20 minutes, adjust cooking time for your altitude. I follow this website for tips on canning

Store in a cool, dark place such as a pantry for up to a year

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