What Do We Dream of Now? #BeTheChange

I have been in one of those spots for the past month, unable to put the words to paper. Writers block? No, more akin to shock and disbelief of how divided our nation is. All because of narcissism that created doubt and told us lies on a daily basis for 5 years.

I also am giving thought as to what is next. What do we dream of for America’s future? How do we consider the path to meeting others with respect? Why do we judge before we know the facts? When can we imagine life without toxic views? Where will America be in just a year?

Even though I have a crystal ball, it’s not answering my questions. Which is really frustrating! It is not easy to change from a person who was distraught every day to a person that is calmer. I still have some tendencies to have a knee jerk reaction. It’s difficult to stop myself and yet I recognize I just have to.

I just have to try something different to achieve a different life. I just have to try to change the way I approach my daily life. I want to be a better person, friend, American.

I am grateful for my morning hikes when I look over the valley view from the top of the hills. Sunrises and sunsets calm my soul. I love cloudy skies for the contrast in colors! Decluttering my home and garage declutters my life. And, for those of you who know me well, cooking gives me great joy.

So, what am I waiting for?

#ChangeIsGood #LifeLesson



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