Peach Cobbler with GF Low Sugar Topping #FreshPeaches

I have sliced, ready to go peaches in my freezer and vacuumed sealed. Finally they were begging to be eaten. Well, this Sunday was the perfect Fall day to defrost them and make something. Not to mention, it was high time I baked again. My only quest was to make the cobbler topping more or less low sugar, sort of low fat.

What I came up with was using almond flour instead of baking flour. I did not skimp on using butter, but I did use one less tablespoon to cut a bit of fat. Turned out that three tablespoons worked perfectly.

This is what I concocted!

1 cup almond flour
¼ cup organic sugar, raw sugar works, too
½ teaspoon of baking powder (I think there is a GF brand if you need that)
3 tablespoons chilled butter, cut up in small chunks
½ teaspoon vanilla extract
Dash sea salt

I mashed the mixture with my hands until it resembled a coarse meal, sprinkled the vanilla extract, hand mixed a few turns and set aside in the refrigerator. I opened the bag of peaches and drained it well, then placed in a medium bowl. I sprinkled a bit of lemon juice and added a half tablespoon corn starch. I suppose you could use more but I just didn’t. Oh, and the original bag was four cups of sliced peaches tossed in brown sugar.

The peaches filled three 5-inch small baking rounds, leaving about an inch from the top in order to make room for the topping. Preheated the oven to 375˚.

Next came the topping and yes, I did have some topping left over. I did not want to overwhelm my cobblers!

I baked them for about 22 minutes, keeping an eye on them since I have an electric oven and it bakes at a higher temperature than a gas oven.

No ice cream but we savored the cobblers in record time! It was a good dessert to impress my date 😉

#freshpeaches #peachcobbler #lowsugar #almondflour #recipes

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