Let’s Not Say Something We May Regret – #ThinkFirstSpeakSecond

I am mentally as well as physically exhausted from last week.

Reading about the stories of sexual assault survivors, all told with the heartfelt pain of trauma, has been tormenting. It is with shock not wonder that I write this now and ask, how can America turn it back to this problem?

Set aside the damn politics right now, please. You can get back to that later and with someone else. This is about trauma that haunts a person’s soul for years and decades.

For this to be taken lightly is worth the admonishment from those who are crying out about their experiences, telling their stories. America needs to acknowledge that sexual assault is certainly not a one-sided issue.

Our beliefs may be what motivates us, but our principles guide us. Let’s keep this in mind when we discuss this issue with compassion with others, shall we?

I want to ask this: to be better Americans, could we find a way to be more tolerant in our conversations? With those we know, not strangers on social media.

Change begins in our homes and communities.

Someone on Twitter reached out to me, in an attempt for me to see his “side” with a story of that had male characters (hey, he tried okay?). He then shared about his wife’s past and added how she perceived Dr. Ford’s testimony as disingenuous. Interestingly enough, he was at a loss as to why I was so upset. My response was that trauma is different for everyone, and that perhaps Dr. Ford’s strength was how she coped with her assault. Us women don’t have to be frail when we stand up to injustice.

At the same time, he understood that America is not going to get better or be better at this route we are taking. He is right about one other thing we stated: maybe America should start over.

Okay then, let’s all get out and vote next month!

#Listen #Tolerance #LifeLesson #ThinkFirst #Vote2018

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