What I am Giving This Christmas #MakeItYourself

These days, I am constantly laughing at myself. I really did want to be a comedienne back in the day. Now, as a Realtor, I can still make people laugh so that their real estate process is fun, less stress. And, my friends? They know they will always have a fun time listening to my sunshine repertoire of living life with abundance.

I may have confessed this before, but when I have writers block on a topic for my Monday blog post, I share a recipe. This weekend was spent resting from that gawd awful cough one gets after that gawd awful cold going around.

That being said, what better post can I share today but a treasure trove of simple food recipes you can make for the holidays. After all, giving a gift should always come from your heart and the hands that made the gift.


This, by the way, is what I am making this week!

Lemon Pomegranate Cookies, original post January 23, 2014



Spiced Nuts, original post October 30, 2017



Garden Herb Salt, original post December 12, 2016



Tomato Herb Butter, original post August 22, 2016



Grand Marnier Balls, original post January 4, 2016



Cake Balls, original post January 16, 2016



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One thought on “What I am Giving This Christmas #MakeItYourself

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  1. Hi Laurie.

    I love your blogs and your recipes. In fact I will be making the spiced nuts as gifts for some friends.




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