Making Decisions With Positive Intention #MakeGoodChoices

I feel that the holidays compel us to stop for more than a moment, to take a deeper breath, and to show more gratitude than we do over the year that is slowly slipping away. At least we should be doing so and with intention.

When I stop and think about intention, I am reminded of how day to day interface in different environments shape us as the persons we are, right now.

In our workplace, experiences give us the tools to navigate this thing called Life. How to interact, how to have conversation, how to collaborate, how to arrive at consensus, how to think outside the box, how to develop ideas, how to work as a team. That is how my day is spent. I am very grateful for a positive work environment and career.

Then, there is this social media platform where we cultivate other relationships. The back and forth banter, the other points of views that force us to put ourselves in the other person’s shoes. Whether we like that frame of reference or not, we must learn how other people think in order to deal with this newfound world of chaos. It is not easy, either.

No matter what, this thing called Life is all about decisions we make every day. How we begin and how we end is all about the journey we take and the choices we make. How we view our day affects outcome. How we view ourselves is how we relate to others. How we treat others is how we will be treated in return. How we show compassion and understanding is how we shape our world, whether it be large or small.

I was so impressed when Meryl Streep said, respect deserves respect.

If we as Americans are going to make a difference in the direction of our nation, perhaps we can begin to take that moment I mentioned to step back and make sure our choices and our decisions are going to be about being positive, about being effective, about being good.

I know that lately I have had to have more intention than ever before to combat the chaos. I refuse to let chaos rule.

I am going to take that deep breath and make good choices.

#MakeGoodChoices #LifeLesson

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