Sleep on It

I have learned a great deal about myself through life lessons, and some of those lessons were very difficult. For one thing, I will not allow negativity to open a door and think it can just walk in and stay. I simply do not have time for such nonsense.something better

I will not give specifics for one reason: it does not matter. In the big picture of life, I choose awareness vs. suffering over situations. I am not going to compromise, but I am going to collaborate to get issues resolved.

It’s been five months since Paul died suddenly. I had a number of issues to work through in order to understand, let go and forgive. That process was the most healing part of my grief and grieving. It has not ended by any means, but I am better at looking at what is bothering me straight on.

In a grief group I attended, the advice was to tell your story. I learned that telling the story helps to relieve the haunting thoughts of what happened because eventually you can tell your story without pain. It’s true.

The same thing goes for life lessons. We all have friends or family that we can call when the going gets tough. There is someone, even if it is one person in our life that we can truly trust. Telling the story of what is causing pain helps to get a different perspective from that trusting person. That trusted source knows you well enough to give insight and advice. One thing for sure is that often times we are too emotional and may react poorly. We cannot take back some things in life, right?

One of my very best real estate brokers gave me advice years ago that I always use with my clients. He told me to sleep on it when I had to make a difficult decision. I cannot tell you how many times that has helped my clients as well as myself. Sleep on it.

Inevitably, the next morning will bring clarity to what is going on in that busy mind of ours. Guess what? Something came up last week that took more than one night of sleeping on it. But I feel so much better today.

Sleep on it!

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Believe it or not, I found this, too:

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