Straw Bale for Sale!

Do you know about straw bale construction for an energy efficient home? For that matter, have you even heard of this building method?

BoiseAve Truth Window
Truth Window of a Straw Bale Home

Here in the West, we seem to have the right mindset for the uniqueness and acceptance of anything different. According to Sustainable Sources, located in Austin, Texas, “straw is the dry plant material or stalk left in the field after a plant has matured, been harvested for seed, and is no longer alive……The technique was practiced in the plains states in the latter 1800’s and early 1900’s. Many of the early structures are still standing and being used.”

Do you research if this may be of interest to you, it is fascinating and the energy savings are outstanding. Here’s the perk if you live in the Treasure Valley: we have a straw bale construction home for sale in Southeast Boise. Our Sellers are passionate about their sustainable home and we want to share a few FAQ’s with you:

What is a strawbale home?

A strawbale home is a home where the external walls are built with strawbales around a post and beam framework, and covered with a natural stucco finish.

Is this a common building technique?

Strawbales are being used to build homes, wineries, markets, schools, and lodges. Strawbale homes are found in 50 countries and 46 states

Why are strawbale homes becoming so popular?

  • Energy savings
  • Natural, non-toxic, recyclable building material with low carbon footprint
  • The thick natural walls have a beautiful and unique finish.
  • Year round indoor comfort
  • Noise reduction

Are strawbale homes a fire hazard?

In 2007, a stuccoed strawbale wall was officially tested by the American Society for Testing and Measurement (ASTM E119-05a) to be 3 times more fire resistant than a traditional wall.

404 Boise Ave

We could tell you much more, so give us a call for a personal tour!

Laurie Barrera, ABR, GREEN                        Tracy Sidell, Associate Broker

208.859.5660                                                                   Cell 208.841.8070

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