It’s Another Great Day

This may sound cliché, but what the heck. It is another great day. Ever since Paul left this planet, life has dramatically changed for me. From happily living with him in a classic rancher in the Lower Highlands, to packing and moving. Being a human yo-yo is the pits. But reality was that I had to move eventually, right? So, I moved.

But you know what? It is another great day. The sun finally came out. I appreciate the weather matching my abundancemelancholy mood but enough of the grey! I think the sun helped me remember the things in life that gave me joy.

Taking baby steps, I am finding myself doing activities that are enjoyable. Hiking the trails with Zeke in the Boise Foothills and talking to the people we meet. I am unpacked to the point of having my artwork hung on the walls. I am cooking again, in my happy place, a kitchen. I am making plans – trips for the summer! I have been to the mountains for much needed rest and relaxation.  I am able to sit and meditate which brings me great peace.

I am laughing again, too.  I laugh after a good cry. I laugh at my dog’s antics. I laugh at things when I think, oh Paul would have loved that.

I notice things in my environment with new eyes. Sunrises and sunsets. Stars in the sky. The phase of the moon. Cloud shapes that look as if they were a huge wave in the sky. Birds that fly above in formation or no formation – depends on the species.  It’s amazing how many heart shaped rocks you can find if you just look.

It is another great day.

#grief #loss #grieving #livinglife


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