Don’t Play Games

I have been on a learning path the past two months, and what a path it has been!  I learned by trial and error, that in order to function I had to let go of things. I had to release myself of some commitments, to change my mindset about where I live, and even relinquish friendships that are not healthy. For instance, I have found myself now living in a 500 square foot studio. I am guessing on the actual square footage, too. But you know what? It is “me”. It is so cozy! It is private and close to my beloved Boise Foothills trails. I am grateful I found this place to's up to you

This past week I took a giant leap of faith in myself. I attended a grief group through St. Luke’s Health System. I really, truly almost chickened out on going at all. But one of the facilitators personally asked me to join this group session. I could not possibly let her down. She is an amazing woman that believes in healing and the healing process itself. She knows more than me right now.

I’m not going to sugar coat this, it was not easy to stop fidgeting in my chair as we went around the circle, each of us telling our story as briefly as we could. By the time it was my turn – and of course, I was last! – I could barely talk. Me, not talk!

I learned on Monday night the power of telling the story. Each person had a different version of what happened to them and each was equally touching. As well as very powerful. There were some very strong folks in this room, each in the throes of grief and yet each reaching out to heal.

Which brings me to my point for this post. Telling the story is as important as listening to a story. Through my faith and my practice, I am listening better these days. And it feels great! How am I doing this, you ask? I went to dinner the other night and left my phone in my car. If someone calls me on the phone, I close my laptop. I put my phone on silent long before I enter a movie theater. I no longer put my cell phone in my pocket for my daily hike with my dog, Zeke.

I listen better to others, to the world outside, to life. It has become a rewarding habit. Try it.

#listen #grief #healing #loss

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