It’s Time for #ComfortFood

The temperatures have changed in the lows that it is now time for the heat to come on before I get up out of bed, yard signs are popping from local candidates on my corner, and I am fluffing out the sweaters that were packed over the summer. It’s time, after all!

And it’s time for comfort food. Warm soups, hearty vegetable salads with a grain or beans, making sauces from my garden tomatoes, canning it all for gifts. This weekend I made a tuna salad sandwich and added ingredients I had never tried before. The result was delicious! PS picture does not do my sandwich justice, just saying.


2 7oz cans of albacore tuna packed in water, drained
1/3 cup chopped red onion
2 celery heart stalks, chopped fine
1 tablespoon lemon zest
Pinch of ground sea salt and pepper
1/3 cup olive oil mayonnaise
1 tablespoon Dijon mustard

Mix all ingredients well in glass bowl, cover and let the flavors blend before using.

I added grated carrot for color, but next time I may add tarragon. Experiment!

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