Kindness Matters, Every Day #SundayBrunch

So, many of you know that I am a Realtor® here in Boise, Idaho. Some days I am “on call” for the phone number on our website. Most of the calls are looking for the HOA of a neighborhood, but sometimes we get odd calls. Sunday was one of those calls.

This gal called asking about a good place for brunch. Being a foodie myself, I had answers to that question, but they were calling from Eagle. They wanted a place with a full bar, so that eliminated a few places in that direction that I knew of. After a few back and forth questions and answers, we agreed to meet for brunch.

You know you are an extrovert when you can do impulsive things. They were a daughter and her mother; the daughter was in town for a visit. We laughed, shared pet pictures, told stories, and really hit it off.

Because I was helpful. Because they appreciated that. Kindness mattered.

I diligently put a list of places that I know have brunch on the weekends or Sundays. Some are on my bucket list to try! Please, call ahead and make a reservation, some businesses have staffing shortages. Reservation highly recommended.

Boise Brunch
Cottonwood Grille
Red Feather
Riverside Hotel Grill
Trillium in Grove Hotel
Western Proper
Wild Root (no bar)

Eagle Brunch
Bardenay (see above)
The Griddle (no bar)

Meridian Brunch
Biscuit and Hogs
Eight Thirty Common
The Griddle (see above)
Land Ocean

#Brunch #BreakfastOut #Kindness

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