Garden Herb Mayonnaise #Herb Mayo

I took a two week hiatus and I am back in the “groove”. A few people in my sphere of life were stressed out and I sensed I had to sit it out. That is what I feel when I am close to someone: give the other person space to collect their thoughts. That innate sense makes me proud of myself. I was spot on and things worked out. I have learned that family, friends and others just need the time to sort things. Try this, you will receive more than you give.

In that two week period, I decided to cook up a storm. I got an Aero Garden from a person in town, and then received a smaller unit from a friend. Great gift! The smaller unit is for herbs, the larger one for lettuce greens and more herbs. Only one lettuce cup grew, so I just ordered more pods.

Aero Garden garden success!

As you can see, my garden grows faster than I thought! The Garden Herb Mayo I made last week is delicious. My selection was the basil, oregano, sage, chives. I have used it on brioche buns for my mushroom ground beef burgers (70% meat, 30% mushroom base). I used it for a chicken salad sandwich. I even used it to bind hash browns for hash brown waffles. Use your imagination!


1 cup mayonnaise of your choice
1/3 cup of herbs of choice, no need to pack
Sea salt to taste


Drop the herbs in small food processor to chop finely. Add the mayo and pulse to combine. I needed to add the sea salt for the chicken sandwich, but not for the other uses. You may just want to add the salt as you use it.

Enjoy! Bon Appétit!

#GardenHerbs #AeroGarden #HerbMayo #recipes

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