They Always Ask About Goals, Don’t They? #Goals

Been pondering on the past 13 months and all we have experienced, if you want to call it that. Endured may be more of the word to use in a global pandemic.

COVID-19 changed everything, didn’t it?

You know what changed this past year that made the most significant outcome in my goal setting? It was making more phone calls or text messages to friends and family besides the daily routine of calling clients. I realized that when others reached out to me, the relief was palatable. So, that became my extra effort goal every day.

My sister and I speak with each other every day. My siblings and I text all the time.

I call my clients that have become friends whenever I think of them. I reach out to friends when I know a life event or birthday comes up. I call colleagues that became friends. I even had postcards made to write quick notes.

I know I have written in the past about calling people, so this is your reminder to make a commitment to do this.

It really can make a difference!

#StayInTouch #CallPeople #Communication

Featured picture from BeeHaven Home on Etsy

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