Decompressing from Being a News Junkie #NewNormal

Apple was kind enough to message me that my screen time on my iPhone is down 25% from last week. That made me realize how much I have decompressed from the news and social media now that life in America is coming back to a version of normalcy again.

Free of drama (Trump) but still some drama (McConnell),

Free of some anger about mask wearing (selfish, self-centered people are still being rude on airplanes),

Free of other restrictions that has gripped our nation all because of inept leadership in 2020.

America is breathing a collective sigh.

Now my days start with lovely music for my wakeup time, a light snack or smoothie before my morning hike, and when I get home, I get ready for the day before coffee or breakfast. I am even putting on makeup! I honestly don’t know why but I think it’s because it feels good to have a routine again.

I have read a few articles about focusing, and I follow Postanly Weekly on Substack. Thomas Oppong wrote: The quality of your life is the quality of your mind.

This is the post from May 7, 2021 that struck me and changed my calendar. I am sharing with you today for your tomorrow!

#Focus #Goals #LifeLesson

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