Disagreement Should Not Involve Guns #Love&Tolerance

Often I write my blog piece over the weekend and upload on Monday mornings. So, I am writing this on Sunday morning, trying to finish my coffee and digest the shooting in Orlando in my weary brain. God is sad alongside me this morning.

more love, less hate

I just do not understand hatred so deep that it moves someone to kill. I must be naïve.

Before Meet the Press was interrupted, Tom Brokaw stated it is time for this country to have the dialogue about these mass shootings and that these days, people have the attitude, “you got a problem, get a gun”. What kind of rationale is that?

It’s the kind of twisted logic that has emerged and is now in our daily lives. We live in the fear that no matter where we go, whether it is church, workplace, school, concerts, movies, restaurants, night clubs, airports, any public place; we have to look over our shoulders. Panic rules, and now we are asked to observe and report suspicious behavior. How did this creep in to our lives in America?

Let’s face it, this did not happen overnight. Shooting after mass shooting, nothing changes in Washington, D.C. This recent tragedy did not stem from an overseas terrorist, it came from a disgruntled citizen that just didn’t like “something”. His thinking was filled with disagreement over another person – strangers, mind you – and their lifestyle. All the other issues were secondary.

I read a Twitter post that stated what America needs is love and tolerance. I agree. This hatred and violence can no longer be the new normal.

I encourage comments. I encourage conversation on what you will personally do to make a difference. For me, that means speaking out. And, for me, this also means being more tolerant in my daily life.

It’s just not worth the tears.

#Orlando #love #tolerance #lifelesson #gunsense #PulseShooting


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