What the Heck! Or #INeedABreak

Well, I have to tell you, this title says it all. I need a break from the daily news, I need a break from the election cycle, I need a break from the hot weather coming this way to Idaho and I need a break.

outta dodge

Come to find out, a person can’t even hide these days. Dang social media and algorithms finds us at every turn or juncture. Where in the heck is that cloaking device when we need it? Or better yet, the invisible cape? What the Heck!!??

Ok, rant over. I do have to admit that I am officially overwhelmed. News. Business. Me Time. New relationship that is making me uneasy (is it right or not??) Perhaps it is time for a much needed time away by myself – well, with my boy, Zeke – and get out of Dodge (is that supposed to be capitalized?) All of the sudden, my real estate business has come to the point of maybe just maybe needing help. {help!!}

Don’t laugh, you have felt the same way more than one time in your life, admit it!

So, this is my plan of action:

  1. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly
  2. Remind myself that I can take my time
  3. Drive slower
  4. Take my life pace down a notch. In other words, say no sometimes
  5. Continue cooking healthier meals
  6. Drink more water – no problem in this heat!
  7. Love my dog more on the couch
  8. Spend time in my patio in the mornings for coffee
  9. Spend time in my patio in the evenings for quiet time
  10. Go to bed earlier
  11. Keep my exercise schedule
  12. Road trip to the San Juan Islands
  13. Give my tiny house as a place of solace for a true blue friend while I am away
  14. Consider a Stay Cation when I get back

Yes, that about sums it up. It’s going to be about me for the rest of the summer!

#lifelesson #metime #staycation #vacation


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