If You Really Believe #DoNotGiveUp

I sort of had a writer’s block for this week’s post, really I did.  But then happenstance came to my rescue. I was at my Chase bank branch Friday, and lo and behold my friend Steve Stuebner was in the line ahead of me. He told me great news. Let me fill you in on the story.

Steve and I worked together ten years ago as a group of dedicated individuals on a pathways initiative to expand the walk-bike (and more) system in Valley County. Steve founded this committee and I was honored to volunteer in the early days. This diligent group of locals joined Steve’s efforts to create the Valley County Pathways Committee, an organization with the goal of creating a pathways system possible throughout the Long Valley region.

pathways logo

We had lofty goals, but we also knew they were attainable with patience and time.  For many years, people from different areas in Long Valley had thought about the potential of developing a valley-wide pathway system that could be used for walking, biking, running, roller-blading, horseback riding, commuting, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling. Our goal and purpose was to find a way to make this happen.

After listening to Steve give me an excited update of what has transpired since I was involved, I realized a very important life lesson. Now, I will get to the point.

If you have a goal, a purpose, a sight set on an objective, DO NOT give up. Ten years ago we hit a bit of a slowdown in our efforts. Steve did not give up on his passion for our goal, nor did the others that followed the original group. They remained committed, they stayed focused, they did not give up. Catch up on the terrific news: http://www.valleycountypathways.org/

So why should you? Why should you give up if you know deep down you will make a difference? I’m talking about goals that you have researched and know will work out in your community or in your workplace.

Then there are the personal goals. I don’t get this, but these seem to be the most difficult in life, aren’t they? Quitting smoking or cutting sugar in your diet or just working out at a gym. You know these kind of goals are good for you but darn it, the first step is as big as a brick wall.

Today I am going to the downtown Y in Boise. I am joining because they have great yoga classes and the workout room upstairs is roomy with great light from all the windows. I need to change up my routine since my dog Zeke is now unable to go the distance on trails with me.

I did not climb that wall that was in my way but I instead I opened the door.

#lifelesson #dontgiveup #changeisgood #justdoit





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