What Have You Been Up To?

I have no idea for the reason to be absent on my blog so much. Once a month is irresponsible. So, when the question was posted to me, “what have you been up to?” that gave me an idea. Earlier this year, I made a promise to myself to not answer that question with an “I’ve been so busy!” and instead, actually have a conversation. In a nutshell and in bullet format, this is what has been happening in Boise Town for me, since my last post:

  1. Wrote an offer subject to the Buyer’s home selling. Well, that didn’t work out as we planned. However, I rekindled a friendship and got to know a great woman much better. Bonus.
  2. Watched gardens grow. I did not plant this summer but I had gardens to enjoy thanks to my friends. I am very grateful.

    nature's beauty in Julia's garden
    nature’s beauty in Julia’s garden
  3. Agreed to become involved with a non-profit that I was on their Board a decade ago. Just in case you are asking, it is Expedition Inspiration Fund and we raise money strictly for breast cancer research and research efforts. More to follow on that, folks.
  4. Attended a Day of Mindfulness that my sangha hosted. I cannot begin to describe how fulfilling meditating is and what I have learned from Buddhism. I consider myself a Christian Buddhist. Double bonus.
  5. Hosted a food fermentation class with Katie Packwood at the house.  She taught a group of friends and I how to ferment vegetables and why. Sorry, Katie, but I would rather pop a pro-biotic capsule. The cabbage concoction was good but the other was not. I detest beets and that is all there is to it.
  6.  Attended meetings. After meetings. Oh, but the best was at ACAR – Ada County Association of Realtors – on the Political Affairs Committee. We interviewed ACHD – Ada County Highway District – candidates. That is always interesting. And, yes, we Realtors® are in to acronyms big time.
  7. Friends Festivities! Met a friend from my past non-profit board life. Even though we “follow” each other on Facebook, it was time to meet up and have that glass of wine we kept promising each other. In fact, I also met a former neighbor for lunch because we agreed to not lose touch. I picked tomatoes at Becky’s (thank you, girl!) and eyed the peaches on their tree but did not ask. Hosted our sangha picnic at the house in our glorious backyard. Finally touched base, in person, with my sweet Nancy Contreras who moved to Southern California for recovery after a surgery. Had an incredible chick dinner last night. I am confident every women present had a wonderful time.

    summer harvest items
    marinara sauce, garden herb salt, cherry tomatoes before dehydrating
  8. I have been a canning queen. Made oodles of marinara sauce with my secret ingredient. Made two large batches of garden herb salt, which I gave away last night to the ladies that came over for dinner. Today, Cathy is going to teach me to make dillies. And, I have been dehydrating all of the cherry tomatoes that I have picked at Becky and Julia’s gardens. Even dehydrated a dozen pears.

So, that is what I have been up to, in a nutshell. What about you? Recall what you have done in the past few weeks. Can you tell someone what you really have been doing?

Take it from me, removing the word busy out of your vocabulary and telling it like it is feels great!

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  1. Oh Laurie, you are just glorious. What a good idea to not say “busy” and have a conversation. I didn’t realize the onion was from my garden! What great lighting. You really caught it.


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