Berry & Nutella Pizza

I could not resist making this when I saw another version on Pinterest. My change was to use a puff pastry sheet. After all, we are going for a dessert, right?


1 puff pastry sheet

1 container fresh raspberries

1 container fresh blueberries

3 kiwi, peeled and sliced

White chocolate shavings


Bring puff pastry sheet to room temperature and roll to desired shape – long or round, whatever you are using to bake and later serve your treat. Bake according to package directions until just golden brown.

Warm up some Nutella and using a pastry bag with a large tip or a Zip Loc and cut one edge, spread the Nutella over the puff pastry. This is easier than spreading with a tool because the puff pastry will flake on you. Now spread your berries & kiwi, sprinkle the white chocolate on top.

Bake until the white chocolate begins to melt. Be careful that the puff pastry does not over brown.

Bon Appétit

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