2012 Unsung Hero Award

Tracy & I at Mark Dunham benefit March 17th

I spoke on March 10th at the Ada County Association of Realtors Circle of Excellence event to present the Unsung Hero award. This was a difficult decision. There are many of us in our Association that are givers. We give to our community in numerous ways and we give to our industry in countless volunteer hours. I considered presenting this award a privilege and an honor.

This year’s Unsung Hero is the person who led our Realtor Action Committee and in turn, our Political Affairs Committee to an entirely new level in the past two years. With this person’s leadership skills, this Unsung Hero and ACAR staff, took our fundraising efforts to an entirely new level.

So, many of you may be thinking, RPAC? I challenge you to think again. Did you know is The Realtor Party? I can tell you in a nutshell: the Realtor Party – OUR Realtor Party – always has had your real estate interests in mind, we just have a new name. The Realtor Party exists to make sure we are not restricted in how we sell real estate and how our clients navigate their real estate transactions. These efforts are not about a “candidate” – no, these efforts are about the very real ”real estate” issues we face in the course of doing business, in the course of practicing real estate on a daily basis.

So, now I want to tell you why I have chosen this person to be the 2012 Unsung Hero. This person took an idea presented to ACAR from the National Association of Realtors, a new idea for fundraising efforts, and not only made these efforts a success but took them to an entirely new level.

Last year we had special dinners and events to relay the message about THE Realtor Party. Were you invited? If not, call or email me. Or ask any one of us on the Board of Directors. We want to help you understand why we advocate for you each and every day, and in May at the Mid-Year Conference in Washington, D.C.

The 2012 Unsung Hero took our fundraising efforts to a level that garnered success, raised awareness and exceeded our goals. We need to continue practicing a profession that is the reason we are here tonight: for Real Estate. Her efforts in 2011 not only encouraged us to think outside the box but inspired us to reach goals we did not think possible. And, I must tell you, our efforts paid off!

This is what REALTORS® accomplished or continue to work on for You:

  • REALTORS® work to ensure the flow of capital in the Real Estate Market
  • FHA Reform
  • FHA, Fannie & Freddie Loan Limits extended
  • SBA Commercial Property Refinancing Program
  • Continues to work with the Obama administration and Congress in restructuring the Secondary Mortgage Market
  • REALTORS® work to preserve the value of Home Ownership
  • Preserve the Mortgage Interest Deduction, Deficit Reduction and Tax Reform for home owners
  • With NAR’s support, the House passed HR-1309, that includes a five year extension of the National Flood Insurance Program
  • Energy issues such as a Voluntary Residential Energy Use Label Program, Environmental regulations and Lead Testing requirements that send a message to not over regulate the buying and selling of real estate.
  • Protecting REALTORS® ‘ Business Interests & Activities
  • REALTORS® working in Washington to correct problems with the Dodd-Frank Act
  • NAR worked with HUD for more timely REO closing issues
  • Mortgage Assistance Relief Services Act (MARS) – REALTORS® no longer have to comply with burdensome requirements for those who assist consumers in obtaining short sale approval from their lenders or servicers
  • Patent Reform – NAR successfully advocated for these reforms in order to reduce the burden of patent litigation on REALTOS® Association and members.
  • And, your Realtor Party dollars helped in landmark court case here in Idaho in 2009.

Just think what we can accomplish in 2012!

I am asking my fellow REALTORS® to give this deep thought. I am challenging you to change the way you perceive the politics or issues you care about. Do something about it. Get involved.

The Unsung Hero for 2012 did just that. She got involved. She took our local fundraising efforts to a new level.  She did not stop until those who had not been aware of the Realtor Party efforts truly understood the mission.

Congratulations to Tracy Sidell, of Keller Williams Realty Boise, the 2012 ACAR Unsung Hero. Her efforts to make our advocacy a huge success in 2011. Tracy got INVOLVED and made a difference.

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