Words to the Other Side #WordsofGratitude

Dearest Friend,

I still cannot believe you have left this earth for the next journey in this thing we call Life. It just does not seem possible that one day you were here and then soon thereafter, you are gone.

But gone does not mean anything more than the physical, does it?

I remember when we first met and all the years that our special friendship spanned, despite a (political) difference. Sorry about that, but you know I am passionate about the issues. {sigh}

You always supported me in my real estate career. We frequently consulted with each other with regards to our expertise in the market. You taught me about investment properties, I learned so much from you, the knowledge I use to this day. I am so very grateful for your advice and candor all these years.

I told you all that and so much more last month when I first visited you at your home the minute I learned of your diagnosis.

I have so many silly Facebook posts of our adventures in downtown Boise.

I treasure each and every invitation you extended to me for holiday meals, because you knew I do not have family here in Boise.

I am grateful that we found a way to always be connected. No matter what.

And, I am every so grateful you are no longer in physical pain.

Live your new journey in peace!

#Friendship #Grateful #LifeLesson #Loss

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