Stop With the What Ifs!!! #LiveInThePresent

Is it just me or has there been an excessive amount of what if posts on social media lately? From what ifs to who to how questions and quite frankly, I am done with this!

I really don’t care to speculate, but I do care about the present.

I care about things that matter. My family, my friends, my colleagues. My community and my neighborhood.

I also care about what is taking place in my community such as affordable housing opportunities, foothills trail maintenance (yes, I am a poop fairy), educating others about private property rights when the NIMBY’s show up completely unaware that they do not have a valid reason to oppose other than they simply do not like change.

Well, guess what, change is coming.

America could use some change, so let’s do this from the ground up where we live.

Show up when you are needed or asked. Let someone go in traffic if you are not in a hurry. Hold the door for the next person. Pick up trash when you see it on your walk. Volunteer. Instead of assuming about an issue in your town or city, do some research and find out the real details. Talk to others about what concerns you and you just may find out another view of the issue.

Stop believing those memes on the internet is also a good start to becoming an informed citizen. Those memes are meant to divide, and we need to heal as a nation.

I have several affirmations that are reminders throughout the day. One is “listen with intention” and it is my favorite. Closing out your distractions and listening will make you a better person.

That is your challenge for 2019.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and have fantastic New Year ahead!

#BePresent #ListenWithIntention #LifeLesson


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