Moving Can Be Emotional, For Reasons We May Not Realize #ChangeIsGood

I finished moving from my 480 square foot tiny house to a real place, 1,200 square feet featuring 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and a 2 car garage. Don’t laugh at my Realtor description, I can’t help it!

I also had to admit that this was more emotional than any other move from my past. I have always liked to pack, move, unpack. I like change! To a degree…..

This change forced me to admit that the tiny house insulated me from the world outside as I grieved Paul’s untimely death four years ago. I loved living there and yet as time passed, I realized I was staying home far too much.

A few months ago it dawned on me that it was high time to move out and move on. I had no inkling that emotions would surface as they have the past few weeks. I needed to move out of the cocoon because living there was not helping me grow. In fact, I became unhappy and negative. That isn’t me. I needed to spread my wings. I needed the change to take the next step out of the final stage of grief and onto life itself.

Besides, change is good!

This discovery has renewed my soul, literally. I am determined to breathe anew, finally. I am now in a “real” home, with amenities I have not enjoyed for far too long. A kitchen with counters and a dishwasher (yes, it is exciting!). Three bedrooms to fill and yet I am going to decorate on a minimal small scale. No dressers in the bedrooms, only a nice chair in the corners with a reading lamp. The small room will be an office, but the closet will hold a shelf unit for my supplies. No clutter. I am craving the space to be free of what I only want not what I think I need.

I’m going to use these cards and write about this move, too.

I am me again, and I like this. I am already happier.

#Moving #ChangeIsGood #LifeLesson #Grief

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