Packing is a Pain #MemoryLane #ChangeIsGood

Change is good and moving makes a person do just that.

Yes, I packed last week and this weekend. Got a lot accomplished but don’t quite give me the high five. After all, I live in 480 square feet.

My art collection except the two largest pieces are off the walls. I must admit the lack of art is making this move real. Finally.

I told a friend the other day that I could tell you when and where I purchased each piece, some of those pieces even the time of day or season.

The featured image is my favorite picture of my Mom and Dad watching Old Faithful at Yellowstone. I can’t remember the year. I miss them both so much but I know wherever they are, they are happy.

one door opens another door closes
one door opens another door closes



The picture to the left was purchased at Bainbridge Island, probably in 2004. Daytime. I was about to make a life change and grow. And grow I did.

Art Collection
Art Collection

There is a red oil painting on stretched canvas where a heart and the word love is the focal point. By Marie Stewart from Hailey, Idaho. I went to Marie’s house to pick it up in the fall. Could have been 2005.

I have lovely watercolor that a former boyfriend purchased for me at a fundraiser in McCall. I wish I knew the artist, but I can take it with me the next time I head north and ask around town. Someone will know. It was an early summer afternoon and the fundraiser was successful for Valley County Pathways. Had to be 2007.

There is the Chris Binion I purchased at a First Thursday evening in Boise. Can’t tell you the year but it was winter, and I was at J Crist Gallery. I was enamored by the piece and Jackie framed it for me. It’s a watercolor titled Early MorningTuscany. To this day, it makes me smile.

And, from a quirky store that has since closed in downtown Boise, a darling print that deserved professional framing. I was walking downtown in the afternoon and just happened to notice the store. This has hung in my kitchen since 2012.

You may ask what is the point? Well, this move is taking me down memory lane. From my art to my vintage glassware to my winter boots I unearthed from a storage bin to a hand painted serving platter to my pull thread hanky collection to cotton napkins in a myriad of colors.

I have been able to pull one precious plant from my garden, a hearty rosemary plant.

And I have been donating what I find I no longer need.

Moving always has a silver lining, doesn’t it?

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