Giving and Receiving Compliments, Why Do We Resist? Just Say “Thank You”

I learned long ago after reading Deepak Chopra’s book, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, about giving a gift each day. Some of my gifts are letting someone go first on to traffic, especially when I am in a hurry. I find that I sometimes need to slow down, so I have to make myself chill. Give that gift. Other gifts are opening doors for someone in to the store or restaurant, saying Yes Sir or Yes Ma’am. (Don’t you agree somehow manners have dropped in our society?) The best gift, well for me and my heart, is to give a true compliment.

If I see a woman wearing something I think is terrific I tell them, “Wow, what a great blouse” or “That top matches your eyes!” You get the picture. I think what is so great about giving compliments is the thank you smile you can receive in return. Wow, some smiles are so broad! And, some smiles are smiles of relief because that person needed the lift. That person may have been lost in thought about a problem and coming out of the train of troubling thought was welcome. I know I have needed the same.

As for guys, I make sure the gal with them gets it. “Wow, you are one lucky lady!” He smiles because he knows the compliment is on his good taste. The only other time you can compliment a guy is on their choice of sports teams. If of course, you are in agreement. Otherwise, let it be.

Photo from Cooking Light, My Recipes- Hey, I am not making the salad until the afternoon!

How are you at receiving compliments? Do you find yourself babbling at a compliment? Gawd, I have! It took some personal work on myself to stop that. Just say, Thank You. Don’t ruin the moment. The other person doesn’t want to know the silly stuff you say in a nervous state. Those jitters can be put to rest by making your response simple. Try it.

So, today I am going to a Labor Day barbecue at a friend’s house. I am making a potato salad but not just any potato salad. Roasted Potato Salad with Dijon Vinaigrette will wow the crowd and I will say Thank You and I will give the hostess the recipe in secret. I highly recommend this salad instead of those heavy, mayonnaise laden versions. Light and delicious because of the fresh herbs it called for. But my Thank You gift for the invite to the barbecue will be the pickled peppersjalapenos and sweet peppers I pickled Sunday afternoon.

Do you give Thank You gifts for the dinner host and hostess? If not, why?

I wonder if I should thank Cooking Light for the recipe? Hey, thank you, #CookingLight

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