Getting it Right the Next Time Around

Getting it right in life, what does that really mean? For me, life can be as simple and pure by just being happy and grateful. I watch others complicate their lives by thinking they have to have “it”? What is “it” anyway?  happiness-zigz

I must be experiencing a coming of age at this point in my life, because now I don’t want anything that will not fit in my tiny house. I am tired of the “it” and “things” that no longer work for me. I am finding people to give items away to in order to make room for more space. Not space to fill up but space for space. For instance, I have no intention of moving for some time. I have furniture and things that I love, but they will not fit in this tiny house. Why should these things gather dust in my garage? I sold a home to a first time homebuyer and many of those “things” are finding their way to her new home. Win-win.

Since moving in to this tiny house, I have also been anxious to make small equal less. I am finding that some items I no longer use are better suited for my friends that admired them in the past. Why not? Give is receiving, right?

I am living in a neighborhood in transition, as many other neighborhoods are in the Treasure Valley. Here, there are some nice homes, some cottages, some weary looking rentals and even some mobile homes. We all have something in common, no matter what our incomes are: we have a roof over our heads. We have a place we call home.

My little home has what I want: a cozy atmosphere, the feeling of safety, great yard for my dog Zeke, and the Boise River greenbelt system out my front door. For me, this is “it”. This is my new home.

My new tiny house is just right for me, this time around.

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