Expect the Unexpected, and Off She Went Into the Future

As many of you know, so much has taken place in my life the past year. Love, joy, happiness, peace, to death, grief, trauma, followed by counseling which lead to understanding, forgiveness, letting go, and on to healing. Everything else seemed to crop up in-between. Life is that journey and mine has been quite a ride. I have to say that from all of this, I have grown to expect the unexpected. And I love it!expect the unexpected (Medium)

I have decided this will be the year of Yes for me. Yes I will go to every Idaho Shakespeare play this summer. Yes I will go to this or that concert. Yes I will take that weekend trip getaway but mind you, my dog Zeke has to tag along! Yes I will make plans and Yes I will do spontaneous things. When I think of you, Yes I will grab my phone and call you.

The unexpected is what has come from saying Yes. I moved to a neighborhood and have been blessed to meet new people from all walks of life. My new friends blend with my friends that are my Idaho family. Just watching their interaction is as joyful as watching a really good movie. I have a broad smile on my face as I listen to their conversation and laughter. That smile is one of those deep down feelings of the blessing of loving friendships.

Saying Yes had led me to experience life the same as I did before, but somehow things seem richer. Richer experiences, richer laughter, richer appreciation. Like an Instagram photo in technicolor. Maybe richer is not the right word, but I feel things deeper now. I appreciate things to an extent I did not before. I smile out loud, if you know what I mean. I did not expect such joy in my life again so soon.

The unexpected is the life lesson that continues for me. A friend once told me, “You never stop learning”. Amen to that. I have always held that in my heart, knowing that no matter what, there was a lesson to be had. With those lessons I have found the silver lining and moved on.

So, today I welcome the unexpected. Stay tuned.

#grief #lifelesson #JustSayYes

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