Moving Again & This Time It’s Not Temporary!

Yep, I am moving again. No kidding, I think I am the best Realtor® in town now that I have so much experience in the moving department. Would you believe I have moved 4 times in 18 months? Nuts! But now I can give oodles of moving advice! What to purge, what to keep, how to pack certain items, what movers are the most reliable, what handymen actually work, and most important – drum roll, please – who can deliver the best pizza for the moving crew. Gotta keep those moving folks, happy!always believe All kidding aside, moving is a pain and yet with each one of my moves, there was excitement. Well, take that back, two of the moves were solemn. One move had hope. This fourth move is filled with hope again. You see, this is my big move to a small place of my own after Paul died. I meant it when I say small, too: this cottage is 480 square feet! It will be my space with my things and my own stamp on it. I will have a kitchen again, even though it will be mini-sized. Not only is the oven/range apartment sized but the refrigerator is small, too. I’m laughing to myself just thinking about it. Better yet, this place has a huge closet that only other girlfriends can be jealous of. A patio with a metal cover to listen to the rain. A small garden for my tomatoes for future marinara sauce canning. I already know the neighbors! And, best of all, three doors from the Boise River greenbelt system. Nice, eh? What is also nice is that this move also means the beginning of moving on. Not in a big way but in a way that will be life changing. I am finding myself moving towards a new chapter, a chapter that is inevitable. A chapter that is a large part of the healing process that involves the time factor that we all need after a life changing event. A change that I welcome. It’s time. It is so cliché but time really does heal. #grief #movingagain #change #hope

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