Almond Balls with Raspberries

It occurred to me that I have not posted a recipe lately. Well, lately I have been busy with real estate all over the Treasure Valley, in my kitchen creating new recipes, tending to my garden, and running around with my new puppy who is a fantastic labradoodle named Zeke.

Time for a recipe! My goal was to create a healthy cookie type with no eggs or flour. Hmmm…..Almonds! Favourite fruit? Raspberries!


2 cups almonds

1/2 cup fresh almond butter

1/4 cup organic or local honey

1/4 nutella

Pulse the two cups of almonds until you have a choppy sort of meal. Just think about what your end game plan is and you will know when to stop the chop. Add to large mixing bowl at this point.

Add the almond butter, honey, and nutella at this point. Seriously, use your hands to mix it all together, it is easier. Once you have the ingredients well combined, fold in the raspberries.

Now, this is when you can get creative with your decision on how you want to even eat these. Ask yourself, almond balls? Almond bars? Either way, they are delish!

For bars – simply spread the mixture in a baking dish (grease dish if you prefer) and refrigerate to set. For balls, form balls, refrigerate and set. I use my two tablespoon coffee scoop from Starbucks for a perfectly sized ball.

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